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Assistive Technology for people with a disability who find operating a computer difficult, maybe even impossible. This web site will direct you to adaptive equipment and alternative methods available for accessing computers
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AbilityHub Stats

  • Speech Recognition
    What computer program translates spoken word, to text? My child is excellent when dictating thoughts and ideas, but, can't express these thoughts using pencil and paper. Typing using the regular keyboard is very difficult.

  • Screen Reader
    Is there a computer prgarm that reads aloud dialogue window alerts?

  • Speech Recognition
    Is there a computer program that allows for hands-free control of the computer?

  • Touch Screen
    Is there a computer monitor with "built-in" sensors that provide activating computer programs with a finger-tip, rather than using a regular mouse?

  • Switch Activated EADL
    Is there a portable, inexpensive, and easy-to-use device for alerting (paging) caregivers?

  • Keyboard with Large Print Keys
    Is there a keyboard with large print keys? After much use, we have problems keeping the sticky labels attached to the regular keyboard's keys. is a resourcful web site on learning disabilities for parents, teachers, and other professionals.

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