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Matching Your Ports

A personal computer may have several ports for connecting devices such as a trackball, expanded keyboard, flatbed scanner, touch screen, and other device peripherals.

It is wise to check what type of port an adaptive device requires to interface with the personal computer. Some computers have many ports, and others may only have a select few of the ports below.

An Adapter will be needed if the port of the computer does not match with the connector of an adaptive device.

picture of usb port
Abbreviation for Universal Serial Bus, and becoming the most common port for connecting device peripherals to personal computers.
picture of PS/2 port
A mini DIN plug containing 6 pins. Developed by IBM for connecting the keyboard and mouse.

Serial (DB-9)

picture of serial port

A 9-pin D-type connector meeting EIA-232 standard. Possibly used to connect some trackballs, mice, modems and monitors.

picture of ADB port

Abbreviation for Apple Desktop Bus, and used by Apple Computers before the iMac. Apple computer now use the USB port.

picture of AT port

Abbreviation for Advanced Technology was introduced in 1984, and used by IBM, IBM Compatibles, and IBM Clones.

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