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  • Achievable Concepts
    Adapted recreation and sporting equipment for eople with disabilities and the aged.
  • Adaptive Mall
    Published by Tim Bergeron and has over 25 years of experience designing, building, and selling adaptive positioning equipment.
  • Bodypoint® Designs
    Building a Better Seating System
  • EquipoisE
    A balance chair which offers lower back pain relief, perfect posture, superb comfort and a healthy back.
  • Footmaxx System
    technology is available to take an accurate measurement of weight distribution along the plantar surface of the foot over time while concurrently getting two readings of the foot balanced in its exact subtalar neutral position. This is done simply by walking a patient across a Footmaxx forceplate.
  • Hotshot Products
    Hank Weseman, Jr., a professional speedboat racer, was thrown head-first at 140 mph into the water and is recovering from brain-stem damage. To fill the void in accessibility for people just like him, he founded Hotshot Products. Hank has invented an all-terrain wheel system for manual chairs, an electric powered Beach Chair.
  • Innovative Products, Inc
    Providing Accessible, motorized products for Disabled Adults and Children.
    A unique patented safety device designed to allow wheelchair and scooter users to obtain a new horizon of freedom, security and independence.
  • Recumbent Trike Rider
    Offers relaxing, enjoyable high performance cycling to persons with various abilities.
  • Rock N' Roll Cycles
    Cycles for All Special Needs
  • Tumble Forms®
    As the original designer of Tumble Forms®, Tim has 25 years of experience as both a parent and a product expert for Tumble Forms® positioning and mobility equipment. Tim and his daughter Carrie (a young adult with Down syndrome) understand the challenges that face you while caring for someone with special needs. FREE Shipping Policy!.... OT and PT SIZE HELP is available too.
  • WheelSource
    A mail order company featuring carrying solutions for wheelchairs, walkers & crutches from the Advantage Bag Company of Torrance, CA. Owned and operated by polio survivor Jim Hood of Hood & Associates, WheelSource has been a supplier of Advantage Bags since 1989.

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