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ruler for keyboards with big keys and large characters
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  Large Print Keyboard
by The Key Connection, Inc.
This large print keyboard has been designed for individuals who suffer from macular degeneration, visual impairments, or just have a hard time reading the existing commands on their keyboards.
large print keyboard

short ruler

Membrane Keyboards
The IntelliKeys keyboard photograph of IntelliKeys keyboard have a flat membrane surface approximately 12"x8", and come with several ready to use overlays. Do you wish to design and create your own customized overlays? Supporting software will allow for the designing of the overlays. The software is needed to configure the computer and the keyboard to respond to key functions on the overlay.

short ruler

Large (Key) Keyboard

Full featured keyboards with keys 4 times bigger than the traditional keyboard. This keyboard is offered in several layouts with either multi-colored or white keys. The multi-colored, key layout lets users take advantage of computer learning programs and become visually acquainted with the letter arrangement on a standard keyboard.

big keys plus - a b c layout
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big keys plus - q w e r t y layout
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