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  Hands-Free Control Using Speech

If configured properly, speech recognition will provide the user a definite amount of "hands-free" control over the computer. For example-- the following tasks are possible using ScanSoft Dragon NaturallySpeaking v7.0

You will need to place a (ShortCut) to the speech recognition application within the Windows operating system (StartUp) folder. This causes the application to launch when the computer is turned on.

Activating a feature within the speech recognition software application known as (Startup/Shutdown) has the speech recognition program prepared for an immediate speech recognition.

At this point, the user only needs to say the command (Wake Up). Launching a third party application such as Microsoft Word 2000, the user only need say (Start Microsoft Word). If the user wishes to launch their Internet browser, they simply say the command (Start Internet Explorer).

There are other commands that allow for controling third party software applications. For example, within Microsoft Word the user would say (Click File) and you see that on "Menu Bar", (File) will pull down as if clicked by a traditional mouse. From within this menu, the user only need say the "Selection" within the pulled down menu-- (Save), (Save As), (Open), (Print)... etc.

NOTE: Please consider headset/microphone placement if the user does not have control over upper extremities. For example-- paralysis due to cervical spinal cord injury. The user will need assistance placing the headset/microphone on their head. Positioning of the microphone is critical for good recognition. (Please see What Is Speech Recognition)

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