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NaturallySpeaking® v7.0 you can create, edit, and revise documents and e-mail-even surf the Web by voice, using web browser Internet Explorer. Just speak, and your words appear in business letters, reports, e-mails and virtually all Windows®-based applications.

Dragon NaturallySpeaking® Preferred v7.0 makes it easy to edit and format text-even change fonts, colors, and sizes-by voice. Insert phrases and paragraphs with only a few words. Listen to text and e-mail read aloud by replaying your recorded speech. You can browse the Web, hands-free.
photograph of the speech recognition program, Dragon NaturallySpeaking

The latest voice recognition software program on the market! The simplicity and intuitiveness of working with QPointer make this a remarkable program allowing a user to have complete computer control by voice in any application.

QPointer allows the user to surf the Internet, create and edit documents, work with any application and to operate complicated GUI and the Windows environment all this in a simple and uniform manner. QPointer allows the user full access and controls of the computer. This method of human-computer interaction does not require any change in user habits.
Qpointer i latest voice recognition software program on the market

  · IBM ViaVoice Windows, and Macintosh

ScanSoft Dragon NaturallySpeaking
  · Preferred v6.0
  · Standard v6.0
  · Essentials v6.0
  · Professional Solutions, use time-saving macro shortcuts to insert boilerplate text.
  · Legal Solutions, for legal professionals.
  · Medical Solutions, for medical poffessionals.
  · Public Saftey Solutions, for public safety professionals (detectives, officers, and other law enforcement personnel).

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